10+ awesome Raspberry Pi 2 robots. No. 5 is the best.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2, what do you use it for? It seems a light question, but the answer could take hundreds of lines.This fruit-named comput …

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An apple-picking robot gentle enough to pick apples efficiently

Apple picking is a labor intensive job with high costs for farmers and without enough laborers to do it. A solution to this problem was developed by the …


Advanced Humanoid Robot Roboy Designed To Assist People – Into Robotics

No more days until we will have in our homes humanoid robots to assist us in daily tasks. The robot is an advanced humanoid robot …

How to use rosserial with two Arduinos and Raspberry Pi

Arduino is a great development board for reading data from various sensors and controlling the robot’s DC motors. Raspberry Pi is good at running ROS …

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July, 2021

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The INternet of Things!

AG Robot

3 Possible Ways for Real-Time Video Streaming Between Camera and Android Device

In the Internet of Things world, an interesting homemade robot application is to build a robot able to send real-time video images on an Android …

All-Terrain Robots

4 Best Arduino Compatible Wi-Fi Modules Under $10

It is almost free to connect your Arduino to a Wi-Fi network.The next time when you want to control your Arduino board from anywhere in the world, y …


RIOT: an open-source operating system for embedded devices and Internet of Things applications

RIOT is an open-source operating system for embedded devices such as Arduino Due or Atmel Atmel ATmega2560, and designed for Internet of Things applications



Robotics Simulation Softwares With 3D Modeling and Programming Support

In general terms, simulation is a process to develop a virtual model capable of emulating the real-world process. Applied in robotics, the simulation process is …


SainSmart’s V3 Metal Robot Tracks Development Platform for Arduino

SainSmart V3 is a new metal robot tracks development platform for Arduino. The kit is priced $109.99 and can host a wide range of sensors, actuators and more.


This Video Shows How Easy Is to Control A Robot with The Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Framework

The Internet of Things is a new concept aimed to connect and control the things over the Int …