10 Cheapest wheeled robotics kits for kids. Other options than Lego Mindstorms.

The main idea of this list is to find wheeled kits that are objectively better to help kids learn something than their expensive counterparts. Today’s kids are the next generation of engineers. In a world where technology is changing rapidly, they have to learn fast and easy how to design and build robots. How? With the quickest solution: a wheeled robot.

The Lego Mindstorms kits write history for any age and most hobbyists and makers in robotics. But if you want to teach your kids about electronics, programming and how to build 2WD or 4WD robots, you have to spend around US $350 for an EV3 kit.

Can we replace the Lego kits with other cheap platforms and step up into robotics at an early age? Yes. We can. Anyone can do it! A wheeled robotics kit is the simplest way to make contact with electronics and programming. It is an uncomplicated process to prototype autonomous or semi-autonomous mobile robots.

Here are the cheapest wheeled robotics kits for kids.

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