10+ Do-It-Yourself projects for Intel Edison development platform

When you hold in your hand for the first time a development board like Intel Edison, the patience disappears quickly. The platform has the power to catch any maker obsessed with the Internet of Things, wearable or robotics. And best yet, it’s easily available on resellers like Amazon.

So, with a great potential in all of these fields, below you can explore a large variety of projects that let you test the Edison features.

01. Intel Edison Temperature logger with RBG-LCD

This project is simple and lets you test the Edison features. All you need is, of course, the Edison computer, the Grove starter kit plus, an RGB-LCD screen, the shield that lets you attach components, and the temperature sensor. For storage, you can use a micro SD card.

This project displays on the RGB-LCD screen the values recorded by the temperature sensor.

02. The Clapper

This project reminds us from the 80’s with a “clap on clap off” application. The Instructables user CaseyM2 shows us how to build the Clapper application with Intel Edison and the Grove kit. When you clap your hands two times the LED turns on, and when you clap another two times the LED turns off.

03. Intel® Edison Hands-on Day 2: FlameFire alarm

Home automation is a big deal for Edison. In this project, the designer uses a flame sensor to detect the fire, and a buzzer module to give the alarm.

This simple application may avoid some accidents, especially in the kitchen.

04. Intel Edison: Distance Bug – HC-SR04

The Intel Edison computer is a good teacher for a large variety of sensors. In this project, the ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 measures the distance to an object, and the values returned by the sensor are displayed on an LCD screen.

To make the project a little more interesting, the designer uses a button to trigger the functionality that stores the current distance measured to the SD card.

05. Intel Edison: Radar

The same popular ultrasonic sensor used in the above project is now used to build a radar. Yes, a radar with an ultrasonic sensor and the Edison kit. A mobile arm has attached to an end the HC-SR04 sensor, and on the other end is attached to a micro servo for rotation.

The result is a simple radar application that can scan the environment and detect objects.

06. Intel Edison powered walking Teddy Bear

The Instructables user patrickms has the brilliant idea to combine a low-cost humanoid robot, a teddy bear and Intel Edison to build a walking Teddy Bear robot. The teddy bear has inside a Robosapien v1 robot controlled by the Edison computer.

In other words, you can have at a cost of $200 a teddy bear connected to the Internet.

07. Intel® Edison based DSLR Camera Controller

In this project, David Hunt shows us how to hack a DSLR camera with an Intel Edison board. Connected to the DSLR camera, the Edison board controls the camera to capture images and do all sorts of stuff.

08. Send Texts with Intel Edison (Party Alarm)

In a connected world, the Edison is like a drop in a glass of water. You can use this tiny computer to send SMS messages at a click of the button. Running the cross-platform runtime environment Node.js, you can setup the Edison to send SMS messages.

09. Tweet with your Intel Edison

If you’re lazy but still want to send a few tweets, this project is the solution. The Instructables user A_Steingrube shows us how to make your Edison tweet something random or the status of a sensor.

10. Intel Edison IP Webcam

The Edison board is featured with advanced specs to run machine vision applications. In this project, the Edison board captures and sends images from a webcam to a web server. All you need to build this application is an Edison kit and a cheap webcam.

11. Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner

In this project, the designer DangerousTim uses the Intel Edison kit to build a portable scanner for WiFi networks. The application uses the WiFi capabilities of the computer and display on an LCD screen the WiFi network detected.

12.Obstacle avoiding robot

This is not just a simple robot able to avoid obstacles; this is an autonomous wheeled robot that thinks and takes decisions. When encountering an obstacle in its path, the robot scans the environment and determines where is more room to move and turns to there.

An ultrasonic sensor attached on top of the robot is rotated by a mini servo and scan the environment.

13. Driving a New Bright Toy Bulldozer with an Intel Edison

Intel Edison is an exciting computer that almost makes you wish to transform a toy into an autonomous robot. In this project, the Instructables user robotoys shows you how to convert a remote controlled bulldozer toy to an autonomous robot.

14. The Familiar: A Wearable Companion Robot

Internet of Things and wearable, two fields where the Intel Edison feels like a fish in water. What could be nicer than a wearable robot able to interact with the owner or other people?

The talking robot has a printed body and a total number of 9 degrees of freedom.

With WiFi capabilities, the robot can connect to the Internet and get information such as weather or calendar.


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