14 Projects That Ingeniously Use The MPU-6050 Module (A Cheap Solution for Motion Tracking)

Sometimes it’s just amazing to see what some talented makers and hackers achieved in robotics using some basic components such as the MPU-6050 module. In fact, they deliver powerfully, innovative and functional motion tracking projects which are easy to replicate at home and nice to see in action.

The little piece of motion processing called MPU-6050 gives six values as output and is designed as for high-performance with low power and affordable. These six values are also known as degrees of freedom and divided as three values for the gyroscope and three for the accelerometer.

In the hobbyists area, the MPU-6050 module is the main piece of tons of breakout boards with an easily integrated design for a wide range of project. Considering all of that, we’ve selected 14 fresh and impressive DIY projects that use the MPU-6050 module. Let’s take a look.

  1. Below, the MPU-6050 module was used as an Inertial Navigation System for an autonomous mobile robot.
  2. In this project, the IMU module is the heart of a control system for camera stabilization.
  3. Only by adding an MPU-6050 sensor, your robot can have a better management of the steering.
  4. A two-wheeled self-balancing robot is probably the most popular application for an IMU sensor and the Arduino microcontroller. In this project, the user Ufactory shows us how to build a simple self-balancing robot by using Arduino and the MPU6050 sensor.
  5. You have many ways to keep your drone up in the air. This project demonstrates how to build a stabilization system for a drone with unsurprising sensors such as MPU6050, BMP180 and HMC5883L.
  6. With a cheap glove and an IMU sensor, you can turn your hand into a wearable controller for model aircraft.
  7. The little MPU-6050 sensor has demonstrated the ability to control a robot arm. In this project, we can see how the OWI Robotic Arm respond to hand gestures.
  8. This is how to use the MPU-6050 module to make some LED’s responding to yaw, pitch, and roll variations.
  9. Do you know how to make a contra-rotating system with fixed pitch propellers for a flying object? Using the Vertical Take-Off and Landing technique, the user nick_307 shows us how to use three sensors to build an autonomous system that holds altitude and hover in a stable state.
  10. This is another type of self-balancing robot. This robot is capable of balancing itself on a corner of a square plate using the measurements of the MPU6050 and a reaction wheel attached to the middle of the board.
  11. With such an ecosystem of sensors and mini-computers, any maker can build its own custom watch. In addition, anyone can choose what type of sensors can be added to a project to meet individual requirements. This Arduino watch is one of these projects that measures the temperature, altitude, and compass.
  12. Anyone can build a safe and smart bike with an Arduino and a motion-sensing sensor such as MPU6050.
  13. This is how to control the Google Earth with Arduino and the MPU6050 sensor.
  14. Your rocket can touch the sky if you use an Arduino, servo motors and an IMU sensor. This is how to build an Arduino rocket guidance system with the MPU6050 sensor.


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