15 Mind-Blowing Gadgets

Your live is filled with everyday banalities – things like the pen from your desk or the bedside clock – which may seem unremarkable at first glance. But once with the technological development increasing at an exponential rate, your live could drastically change sooner than expected.

As part of our inspiration articles, we present 15 mind-blowing gadgets and devices which are available today. Among them, you’ll find toy gadgets, household robots and everyday gadgets.

Please note that most of these gadgets aren’t cheap at all, and many of them cost over $13,000.

Mr. Pow Portable Electronics Charger
Mr. Pow is a portable phone/tablet chargers with a built-in 3500mAh lithium battery. It looks like a little robot, colored in blue or white, and portable. It is priced at $49.95.

Japanese Retro Robot Lightning Cable
This square robot head is a device connectivity gadget to liven up an iPod, iPhone or iPad. It comes in two colors (blue or black) and can store in its robot head the adjustable cables. It is priced at $74.

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball
Mocoro is a scaled-down cleaning robot engineered to collect the dust and filth around your home. Coming up with a simple and effective design, Mocoro doesn’t get stuck in tight corners. It is priced around $36.

An automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats with a futuristic design, available in three versions, self-adjusting weight sensor, and an expansive litter chamber. The most expensive Litter-Robot is priced at $449.00 and the cheapest version costs $349.00.

RoboReel is a pretty water hose reel capable to senses your movement and engages the motor to provide an effortless withdraw. It is safe, feature continuous 360-degree rotation, and remotely controlled with a timer for automatic watering. How great will this look on your garden alongside your lawn mower robot? Price: $699.00.

Omnibot Hello! Zoomer
Omnibot Hello! Zoomer is a mobile robot that looks like a dog, reacts and do things like them. It can understand over 45 words and phrases in English and Japanese. All these features make him an adorable pet robot for your household. It is priced at $ 278.

Omnibot OHaNAS Robot Pet
This pet looks like a sheep, understands what you speak and responds to friendly physical contact. Omnibot OHaNAS Robot Pet connects your smartphone via Bluetooth and chats to you about the calendar, weather and more. Unfortunately, the robot is available only in the Japanese language. The price for this little sheep is $278.

Robox Wine Box
Robox Wine Box is a wood box use it to hold a single bottle of wine. Price: $25.

Sherman is a captivating universe of kinetic art that makes people smile and tell them the time. It is priced around $13,000.

No, it’s not a mobile robot, and it shouldn’t be. This is a plastic flower pot to keep the air fresh to your office. It is priced at 14,95€.

Star Wars 3D Rubik’s Cube BB-8
The Star Wars fever took over the gadget world. BB-8 is a licensed Star Wars gadget that stands upright on your desk or shelf. It is priced at $56.

Star Wars 3D Rubik’s Cube R2-D2
Like its little brother BB-8, R2-D2 is a licensed Star Wars gadget that stands upright on your desk or shelf. Price: $75.

Omnibot Hello! MiP
MiP is a self-balancing robot capable of carrying things and learning 56 different movements. It is available in two colors (black and white) and respond to hand gestures. It is priced at $53

It is not available, but it would be starting with March 2016. CogniToys is an engaging dinosaur toy with capabilities to understand what children are saying and able to answer them with an age-appropriate response. It is now available for preorder, priced at $119.99.

Facebank Dodeka Robotic Coin Bank
Facebank is a coin eating robot with a motorized face and sounds that will keep you coming back to feed him. It features a coin reservoir with space for months of deposits. It is priced at $54.

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