18 Extreme All-terrain Robots

All-terrain robots are supposed to handle a wider variety of terrain than ordinary robots. Whatever type of terrain you prefer (tough terrain, steep slopes, sand, mud, etc.), these robots can provide maneuverability and stability on every point of the terrain.

Many all-terrain robots are quite versatile, but only a few of these could be removed from the average and considered extreme robots.

However, to use one of these robots you don’t need to know electronics and programming. Almost all of these wild machines are remote controlled, semi-autonomous, or autonomous.

This article presents an overview of extreme all-terrain robots on wheels, tracks, and legs.

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Extreme All-Terrain Robots on Wheels

  1. GrizzlyThe BEAR Robot (see it in action here)
    Grizzly is an all-electric robotic utility vehicle engineered to handle a large variety of applications in agriculture, mining, and defense.It is a platform solution for autonomous tasks in agriculture including chemical spraying, cultivation, and mowing. Due to its robustness, in the mining sector the vehicle is used to map and survey mines. As for military use, Grizzly is featured enough to transport autonomously materials to support the soldiers.

    The all-terrain robot offers the performance to carry a payload of 600 kg (1320 lb) at a maximum speed of 19 km/h (12 mph).

  2. Sand FleaJumping over obstacles (see it in action here)
    When you see for the first time the Sand Flea robot, nothing seems suspicious. It seems a cute robot that can be driven like an RC car.On flat terrain, the robot drives like any remote control car with wheels. But with one special skill, the robot jump 9 meters (30 ft) into the air to overcome obstacles. It can jump on buildings without damaging the components.

    This extreme all-terrain robot is designed for special tasks in surveillance, military and space exploration.

  3. MINIBOTSimple and strong (see it in action here)
    MINIBOT offers a small and lightweight robot for inspection, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The robot is water resistant and provides a rigid platform even to tear down a wall.

  4. 4WD WiFi Mobile RobotThe All-in-One Platform (see it in action here)
    The 4WD WiFi mobile robot provides a flexible platform for extreme terrain, extreme weather, and extreme applications.It is designed with pneumatic 10-inch wheels that can move quickly on most terrain an additional payload of 11 Kg (25 lbs).
  5. SUPER ROVER KITThe Speedy (see it in action here)
    This Super Rover Kit is a modular platform with 4 or 6 wheels. It is designed for all-terrain applications, and as a bonus, it provides high speed on almost any terrain type.The platform support add-on modules for sensors, controllers and components needed to explore the wilderness.
  6. Spider MINIThe Robot for Slopes (see it in action here)
    Spider MINI is a remote control mower with high abilities for climbing and maneuverability.The mower works in extreme conditions such as steep slopes and difficult terrain due to a lower center of gravity and a unique design.
  7. IRUS QuatrakThe All-Terrain Robot (see it in action here)
    IRUS Quatrak is a mower with climbing ability up to 50 degrees angle. It has attached special wheels with spikes that keep the robot on almost any steep slope and difficult terrain.

  8. ARTHRON R 4075 AThe Flexible Robot (see it in action here)
    This wheeled robot can flex its body to overcome obstacles. Each module has two wheels attached to it. There are in total four modules with eight wheels that drive the robot over obstacles.When there is an obstacle in front of the robot, the first module of the robot rises up to allow other modules to pass over the obstacle.

    The robot is built for inspections in ducts, pipes, cars and anywhere where it can weave in and out.

  9. VoyagerThe Robot for Mars
    Voyager is an adaptable all-terrain vehicle that uses a suspension system called rocker-bogie. This system is designed for the Mars rovers and allows the robots to climb over obstacles that are twice the wheel’s diameter in size.This is an extreme robot for extreme terrain. The adaptable mechanism maintains the balance of the robot even when one of its wheels is on another plane as the other three.

Extreme All-Terrain Robots with Tracks

  1. LT2The Robot Ready to Run! (see it in action here)
    The LT2 is a simple treaded platform designed to handle around 11 Kg (25 lbs) of additional payload in most terrains. It is based on a durable chassis that can go over and under many obstacles.One feature that makes this robot an extreme machine for all-terrain applications are the treads. The robot can handle most terrains with a pair of aggressive all-terrain treads.
  2. Delta Extreme RobotThe Transformer (see it in action here)
    Delta Extreme Robot offers an adaptable platform to the environment. The robot has the ability to change its shape and negotiate obstacles on the fly.Submerged or on land, the robot is designed for inspection and reconnaissance in applications such as search and rescue.
  3. Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TExtreme Slope Robot on Tracks (see it in action here)
    22T is an extreme robot with tracks able to deal with 60-70 degrees slope.The GOAT robot is designed to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks for humans. It works on rugged terrain, dams, steep slopes, and water.
  4. MegabotsThe Giant Robot (see it in action here)
    The Megabots design and built a massive fighting robot with treads and a cockpit for the driver. The robot has attached two giant continuous tracks to traverse rugged terrains.
  5. M3Extreme mobility over rough and uneven terrain (see it in action here)
    M3 is a prototype robot that demonstrates the mobility of the platform based on an improved suspension system. The suspension system is designed for maximum mobility and manipulation.The M3 robot equipped with the advanced suspension system is faster and maneuverable over rough and uneven terrain than any other robot on tracks.
  6. Jaguar V4All-Terrain Robot with Articulated Arms (see it in action here)
    Jaguar V4 has attached four articulated arms for indoor and outdoor operations. The arms help the platform to climb vertically up to 300mm with ease.

Extreme All-terrain Robots with Legs

  1. BigDogThe Mechanized Wild Dog (see it in action here)
    BigDog is a four-legged robot designed to go anywhere. It is a mechanized wild dog capable to run fast on its legs and explore rough terrain.
  2. RHexThe Hexapedal Robot for Rough Terrain (see it in action here)
    RHex is a mobile robot with independent legs that produce specialized gaits. The platform is designed to climb rocks, drive in mud, sand, vegetation and on almost any terrain type.
  3. MantisThe Giant Insect for Rough Terrain (see it in action here)
    Mantis is an all-terrain hexapod robot that can be piloted or remote controlled on almost any type of terrain. The giant spider can move the legs independently and provides different types of walking gaits.
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