3 X Control Tracked Robot: The Perfect Arduino Project for Beginners

Without the proper skills, can be hard to learn how to control a robot with a smartphone or autonomously. Arduino is already one of the essential hardware to learn how to build electronic devices from scratch. All at once, you can code, control servos, read sensor data, and more with several skills.

With a DFRobot Devastator Tank Robot mobile platform, several ultrasonic sensors, a Bluetooth module, a motor driver and an Arduino UNO, the Instructables user Dim Sheldon shows us how to build this great multitasking tracked project.

Basically, you can control the robot manual and autonomously. You can guide the robot manually via PC and smartphone. If you use to control the mobile robot using a PC, you need to install the TeraTerm software. The software is a communication program for Windows PC. If you choose to control the robot via Bluetooth and an Android device, you need to get the Arduino Bluetooth Controller application.

As described in the tutorial, the designer modifies the HC-05 Bluetooth module and the LCD. With a minimum of experience in electronics, this part can be done easily.

The wiring diagram and instructions to build the tracked platform are here.

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