47 Programmable Robotics Kits

I always try my best to challenge your abilities in engineering and produce some interesting, innovative and useful robots. And as designers, we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, I’ve discovered the best programmable robotics kits that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd.

If you choose to learn how to program a robot before trying to get into electronics and hardware design, the quickest solution is a programmable robot kit. Moreover, the use of a programmable robotics kit is the best practice when no one else is around to guide you from where to start.

Below, I explored forty-seven programmable robotics kits engineered by designers across the globe.

Table of Contents

Wheeled Robotics Kits

Kits on Tracks

Walking Robots

Robotics Arm Kits

Flying Robots

Modular Kits


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