4WD All Terrain Robot

mobilerobots.pl has a new good piece of 4WD all-terrain robot that can move in rough terrain. They control the mobile robot from an Android app via Bluetooth BTM-222 (the range is up to 100 m in the open ground).

I like this robot because:

  • I want to build one to play with in the park this summer;
  • it has a simple design that brings a lot of benefits over rough terrain;
  • it reminds me by the Superdroidrobots and Inspectorbots (probably they build the best all-terrain robots);
  • it can deal with unpredictable surfaces and rough terrain;
  • it weights only 1.7 kg;

The components:

  • 1× Dual Motor Driver Carrier
  • 12A continuous output current (max 30A) per motor, voltage from 5.5 to 24V
  • 4× DC motor high-power 6V, 280 RPM free-run, 90 oz-in
  • 1× Arduino Mega 2560
  • 1× Bluetooth BTM-222
  • 1× GPS position accuracy 2.5m CEP
  • 1× MinIMU-0 v2
  • 1× Ultrasonic sensor HC-05
  • 1× Lipo cell batteries 7.4V, 1300mAh, 11.1V, 2200mAh
  • 1× SD card
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