4WD or 6WD Mantis Rover Kit Designed to Easily Climb Rocks and Rough Terrain

The 4WD or 6WD Mantis rover kit is an extreme rock crawling platform for RC or autonomous robots. Despite the outdoor pedestrian robots, this wheeled platform can tackle some pretty serious terrain.

The wheeled robots are supposed to be fast. The manufacturer claims that the mobile kit is “a rugged, versatile and powerful off-road robot.” So, you don’t have to worry if you’re slinging dirt, climb rocks or tearing down the street, you should be doing it like you’re on fire.

The mobile kit feature a bug-like chassis engineered with an independent A-arm style suspension system for each wheel. The advantage of an A-arm suspension design is the appearance of the negative camber, which is a suspension system typically used for road racing. In other words, it is about the angle of the tire from zero degrees.

Because climbing rocks and rough terrain is all about getting your robot over impossible obstacles, a good suspension system gives you the freedom to explore different environments. Each wheel has attached an independent suspension system with aluminum beams and oil-filled aluminum bodied shocks.

The only difference between the two versions (4 and 6 wheels) is the number of the wheels. Both platforms come with the same characteristics of the chassis and motors.

Each of the 313RPM ball-bearing precision planetary gearmotors gives you plenty of torque to negotiate extreme terrains. At the end of each motor is an aggressive 5.4” off-road tire.

Both versions come with the same 18” channel chassis with endless mounting options for additional components and electronics. The biggest disadvantage of this wheeled kit is that your electronics and other components are suspended on the frame and subjected to different damages.

The price with motors included for the 4WD version is $329.99, while for the 6WD version is $479.99. Without motors, the price is $209.99 for the 4WD platform, and $299.99 for the 6WD model.

You need additional components to have a functional robot. For example, the manufacturer suggests controlling the motors with the RoboClaw 2x30A motor controller (Price: $124.95 + $6.99 shipping). Also, you need batteries, a microcontroller or a single board computer. And if you need more, you can add a gripper or any other accessories.

Check the Mantis’s 6WD robot kit specifications here.

Check the Mantis’s 4WD robot kit specifications here.

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