4WD Platform Arduino Nano Compatible – Into Robotics

Without exaggerating, I could fill an entire store with all the Arduino compatible kits. For all that, new kits continue to make its presence in the makers’ space.

In this article, I choose to share with you a new wheeled kit compatible Arduino. I chose it for two reasons. One reason is that the platform is compatible with Arduino Nano, while the second reason is that the rover features a GPS sensor. Therefore, you can use this kit to create an autonomous robot capable of navigating using GPS waypoints.


There are three useful features to use in addition to the GPS sensor. One is the connectivity. I have to choose between WiFi, Bluetooth, and RF. The gyroscope with the accelerometer and the ultrasonic sensor are very useful in navigation and obstacle detection, while the Arduino IDE makes the programming job easily.

If you want this rover, you have to pay $179.00.



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