8 Best ArduPilot Rover Projects. No. 6 is the Most Ambitious Project.

The ArduPilot Rover is an open-source autopilot kit that can guide autonomously a rover wherever you want. It is designed to navigate via waypoints defined in its mission planning software or pre-recorded by the user during a manual run.

Makers inspire the DIY community to build robots. So, in the honor of the ArduPilot kit, we’re exploring eight of the most innovative projects created since the autopilot launch.

  1. Erle-Rover
    Erle-Rover is a demonstration of the Erle-brain Linux autopilot in the field of autonomous robots on wheels.
  2. APM 2.5 Rover Project using 1/8 Scale Rock Crawler
    This impressive Rock Crawler robot is guided via GPS waypoints and a serial radio.
  3. APM Rover “PO1” fw 2.42 – Simple AUTO MISSION
    The APM Rover kit works great in outdoor missions. This robot has a simple mission – to drive via two waypoints.
  4. How to Build a Self-Balancing Autonomous Arduino Bot
    This is a step-by-step tutorial to build a self-balancing robot capable of autonomous navigation indoors or outdoor.
  5. Autonomous vehicle on a budget using APM:Rover
    This is an all-terrain robot engineered to run autonomously while monitoring the GPS position and speed.
  6. What can APM Rover do in a Tractor? Quite a lot!
    This project demonstrates that there are no limits in using the ArduPilot Rover kit. You can control with the same navigation system a tiny robot as well as a giant tractor.
  7. Autonomous Rover Part 5: Using the ArduPilot Mega(APM) and GPS
    Do you want a robot able to drive in a parking lot? This project can do this. The rover just driving itself to the waypoints
  8. Maiden drive of APM:Rover on RPi with Navio
    Another demonstration of APM Rover in a parking lot with a wheeled robot.
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