8 Major Differences Between Mindstorms EV3 Education and Home Edition

The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is a powerful tool used by children, used in education by teachers or by hobbyists at home to dig into the LEGO robotic world. With many differences between the Home and Education set, with this article I try to point out the major differences between the two LEGO EV3 versions.

With differences of sensors, motors, software, and pieces, it is important to know the differences in each category including here the software, hardware and parts. All of these three main categories come with more or less changes, and all of these will be displayed in the following.

The retail version has a focus on fun, while the educational set has a focus on learning.

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Two small differences in software between retail and educational versions of the LEGO EV3.
On the software side are minor differences between Home and Education editions. Called EV3-G, the software comes with different icons and both editions can be installed on the same computer.
Since additional modules can be added only for educational package, these components can be loaded only on the Education version of the software.

Another slight difference is in the firmware that comes with on-board datalogging capabilities only for Education version. This small electronic device is designed to records data over time for built-in or external instruments and sensors.

In the marketing area is also a difference where Home edition is a version directed for 8-14 aged boys kids, while the Education version is directed for use in education by teachers or by hobbyists.

EV3 Education vs EV3 Home – Software

Education Home
Programming EV3-G EV3-G
Datalogging Software Yes No
Contents Editor Yes No



At least 4 differences in hardware between EV3 Home and Education set.
With pluses and minuses in terms of hardware, I have to recognize that here are the effective differences between the EV3 Home and Education versions. The retail version includes a small amount of components compared with educational set, components that include one small motor, 2 large motors, and four sensors (touch, color, infrared proximity, and remote IR beacon).

The educational set includes the castor wheel, 1 small motor, 2 large motors, 2 touch, 1 color and 1 ultrasonic sensor with red LED, 1 gyro, 1 rechargeable battery, and the possibility to download the EV3 software. Additional, the education set comes with up to 500 more bricks than the Home set.

As a minuses in terms of hardware, it is disappointing that in the educational kit is not included an IR sensor or IR remote beacon.

EV3 Education vs EV3 Home – Hardware

Education Home
Rechargeable Battery Yes No
Intelligent Brick 1 1
IR Beacon (Infrared Remote Control) 0 1
Infrared Sensor 0 1
Ultrasonic Sensor 1 0
Touch Sensor 2 1
Color Sensor 1 1
Gyro Sensor 1 0
Large Motor 2 2
Medium Motor 1 1


10+ pieces the difference between retail and educational set.
With a difference of overall 10 elements between retail and educational versions, there is also a huge gap between the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 sets. The retail version comes with a total number of 541 pieces, while the educational version comes with more than 550 pieces.


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