A 4WD Mobile Platform With Mecanum Wheels and Customizable Body

The 4WD mobile platform is the SeeedStudio robot kit based on Mecanum wheels. The robot is aimed at the novice and is designed to use it as a base platform to build your very own custom robots.

The 4WD Mecanum wheel kit comes completely disassembled and without batteries. Otherwise, the kit ships with everything you need in the box, including the chassis, wheels, motors, screws, etc.

Each wheel of the platform is driven individually. Depending on the wheel’s direction and speed, the mobile platform moves in any desired direction or spin. In other words, you can have for $199 your own Omni-directional robot able to move forward, backward, sideways, and more.

We don’t know the dimensions of the platform, but definitely it has a lot of potential to carry a maximum load of 10 Kg.

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