A Crawler Robot Kit With a Mechanical Arm – Into Robotics

You can buy it, or you can build it. The Robo-Soul TK-400 kit is a tracked robot platform with a mechanical robot arm attached to it.

The platform was designed to work both outside and inside the home. The body is built from 2mm aluminum alloy that offers a rigid structure and options to add additional components and parts.

Both of the tank tracks are made from nylon and designed to adjust the track length.

The overall body length of the robot is 30 centimeters with the width of 31.5 centimeters. The motors can propel the platform at an average speed of 0.7 m/sec.

The kit contains the Robo-Soul TK-100 tracked vehicle, the gripper arm and four MG996R servos. All these components and parts come at a price of US $162.00.


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