A Manual Lawn Mower Turned Into an Electric RC Lawn Mower

It is inevitable not to have a manual, gas or electric lawn mower if you have a patch of yard. With a bit of creativity, mechanics, electrical and programming skills, most of these gardening machines are hacked into autonomous or remote controlled robots.

One quite interesting project that converts a manual lawn mower in an electric one is called RoMow. The robot is built on a metal frame and features two big drive wheels on the back and two omni-directional caster wheels in front.

RoMow is designed to maintain the direction even when passing over an obstacle. Inside, the robot is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. A powerful PiBorg board is used to control the motors of the robot. The PiBorg motor driver is I2C-compatible serial interface board and support interface to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many others.

The remote control is an XBOX 360 2.4GHz Wireless Game Remote Controller and provides enough buttons to control almost anything.

Below is the presentation of the project.

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