A New Series of All Terrain Mobile Robots – Into Robotics

Imagine a tough robot that travels on rough terrain, send real-time images to a mobile device, and measure the temperature, pressure and other parameters of the environment. These types of robots are complex systems that luckily can be built at home in a garage or your room.

In this article, I explore a series of robots designed to drive over about any terrain. Some of the vehicles are designed with big wheels, others with heavy tracks. A solar panel attached on top of the platform can supply with energy the robot, while bigger batteries can power the outdoor robot in darkness or in places you wish you could go visit but can’t.

Without any more words about these robots, here are five of the latest all terrain mobile robots for makers and hackers.

  1. Drone alive!
  2. Outdoor Rough Terrain Robot
  3. CNR21 Multi terrain robot
  4. Metal detecting all terrain vehicle
  5. ROBO-K


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