Agent 390 Tracked Robot Kit – Into Robotics

Would you like to spend $389.99 on an aluminum platform with tracks and the ability to carry around 50lbs (23Kg) of weight? If yes, then you have to know that Servocity released a brand new mobile platform called Agent 390. This tracked platform has five interesting features that have drawn my attention.

  1. I’ll start with what is most visible – the body. The platform is engineered with a strong body aluminum chassis that measure 18 inches long by 16.42 inches wide. The chassis is strong enough to carry over 50lbs (23Kg), but should be tested if the platform can carry the same load while climbing. If it maintains the same performance while climbing, the two 313 RPM geared motors with a rated load of 4.5 kgf-cm do an excellent job.
  2. The platform is flat and has many holes where you can add parts and components such as a robotic arm. If not, you can carry boxes or any other stuff. Also, the platform is expandable to allow the addition of other hardware.
  3. Under the flat platform, the Agent 390 has enough space for electronic components and batteries. The only downside is that all these components must match with the size of the platform.
  4. The tank tracks come with a special design that can be seen even in the images of the presentation. Each continuous track is 1.5-inch wide track made from extremely strong Kevlar and driven by three modules.
  5. The module from the middle of each track can be shifted from left to right. This feature allows you to modify the platform to meet your requirements regarding climbing obstacles.

As a conclusion, the Agent 390 is a unique platform with structure and features. Considering the top five features that I reviewed above, the price remains the only obstacle between a maker and the platform.

The official presentation of the Agent 390 kit.


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