Aluminum 4WD Rover Kit with Expandable Chassis for RC and Autonomous Robots

Recently, Lynxmotion released his all-terrain creation — a sort of 4WD rover kit with an expandable chassis for RC and autonomous robots. The kit does not include the electronics and comes in two versions: with or without encoders. The version without encoders cost $219.95 while the upgraded version has a price of $323.75. Both versions are available here.

Each wheel is driven by an individual 12V electric motor with a 30:1 gearbox able to operate at 200 rotations per minute.

The platform is capable of carrying a load of up to 5lb. Lynxmotion claims that the platform can host additional components to the inside. It should have enough space for extra electronics, batteries, controllers, and several other components.

With expansion decks attached on top of the chassis, the platform can host additional components such as a robot arm or servo motors.

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