Amparo Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Designed To Be Used in Space – Into Robotics

Researchers from University of Bremen build two wheeled robots which working as a team to localize and transport objects. The robots are part of IMPERA project which design autonomous robots to be used in space. The Amparo robotic manipulator is used for handling, assembly and transportation tasks in the lunar environment.

One of the team members is a four wheeled mobile robot designed to create the map of the environment and to identify the objects. After the objects are localized, these are marked on the map.

Another four wheeled mobile manipulator called Amparo localizes the objects marked on the map and grasps the objects. A robotic arm was attached to the mobile platform and the hand has three fingers used to grab the objects.

Called Amparo, the robots works autonomously and uses a long list of sensors including SICK LMS 111 for 2D navigation, Hokuyo UTM 30LX for 3D Perception, XSence IMU, 2 Guppy cameras for stereo vision. Robotic arm has 6 degree of freedom and is Kinova Jako type.

Amparo Mobile Manipulator Video


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