An Arduino compatible tracked multi-purpose robot

If you’re looking for a tracked multi-purpose robot, look no further than the SuperDroid MLT-JR. MLT-JR will be your personal robot. You will be able to program it and drive on most terrains.

The tracked robot comes with a compact aluminum chassis and fully assembled. Having tracks, the platform reduces the slip and distributes the weight of the robot all over the tracks. This makes the robot to deal with bumpy surfaces, sand, and gravel.

The tracked robot uses two independent planetary gear motors to deliver power. Due to a strong combination of tracks and motors, the robot can go over most terrain or indoors with a high maneuverability.

After I had read the specifications, I found that the base is heavy duty and capable to handle up to 2.2Kg (5lbs) of additional payload. The additional payload is added to the weight of the robot that is around 2.7 Kg (6 lbs).

The robot comprises of an Arduino microcontroller for easy control. Using the Arduino open-source development board, you are free to develop the desired software programs and add a wide range of components.

All these features come at a price: $812.07 + $25.19 shipping.


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