An Autonomous Robot Able To Inspect a Building, Create a Map of It, and Locate Objects On the Map – Into Robotics

Building an autonomous indoor robot able to inspect a building, create a map of it and locate objects on the map is not a handy task since it requires knowledge, time and budget.

This indoor mobile robot aims to make the autonomous navigation easier by integrating a set of sensors with artificial intelligence algorithms.

The sensors attached to the mobile platform are:

  • Sick LMS100 Lidar (a sensor with sensing range of 18 meters and an error of about 20mm)
  • KHV Gyrocompass
  • RGB-D Depth Camera (Kinect-like)

The idea here is to combine hardware resources with many artificial intelligence algorithms to increase the autonomy of the robot. In this case, the autonomous exploration, finding the optimal path, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), automatic path following, obstacle detection and avoidance, and a real-time path re-planning.

All of these features make the robot available for teleoperation, mission planning on maps, real-time mission follower, or robot state and alerts display.

It’s not a simple autonomous robot, but you can find out some inspiration to build a replica of it for yourself over on Robopec’s page.



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