ATLAS: The Drone Designed With a Spherical Exoskeleton to Land on All Terrains

The new ATLAS drone from Unmanned Cowboys has a unique spherical design and can be piloted just by tilting your mobile device or via a custom cockpit ground station with dedicated transmitters and video display. Thanks to the spherical exoskeleton, the drone can fly both indoors and outdoors without any problems.

The platform looks great and is designed to land on all terrains. All the components are protected by a spherical exoskeleton and allow the drone to roll along the ground. With such protection for components and equipment, the drone can execute observation mission safely and without damaging itself.

This drone claims to not require coordinated landing. It was engineered to be ground maneuverable, but with the ability to have a dynamical orientation and upright in the flight.

Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, the flying robot detects the presence of nearby objects and obstacles. In addition, the drone can be equipped with GPS receiver, LIDAR technology for mapping, multiple cameras and sensors. In other words, ATLAS is an ideal device to ensure inspections in areas such as agriculture, forestry, security and more.

The ATLAS has a diameter of 17-inch (43 cm) and a total weight of 2.8 lbs. (1.3Kg).


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