AZIBOt:An Arduino Compatible 3D Printable Mobile Platform With Tracks

Robot kits can be pretty pricey, and many of them are built so the manufacturer can sell different electronics or components usually used in robotics. This 3D printed tracked platform looks simple and uses components that you are already own if you’re an active maker in electronics.

AZIBOt is a mobile platform supposed to support the Arduino ecosystem. It’s totally 3D printed so you can have an ideal introduction tool to Programming, Engineering and Robotics. The project is open-source, and the designer makes available on Thingiverse all the 3D printable parts.

You can control the robot via a mobile device with an Android and iOS application.

On the Azobit website, you can find instructions to build the platform from scratch, a robot arm, and several other lessons good to read before playing with the robot.

The robot kit is also available for purchase at a price of $99.00.


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