BBRover: A 3D Printed Robotics Platform for Off-Road Terrains

Can you imagine “a 3D printed robotics platform that is easy to hack, make, use and sustain?” The Rocketship Systems Inc. aims to build such a platform and releases a Kickstarter campaign to raise money. With these monies, the Rocketship team hopes to improve the community, write comprehensive documentation and improve the manufacturing process.

The BBRover kit features four gear motors with 8-inch big wheels that allow it to climb on rocks or drive on rough terrains. The rover is designed for indoor and outdoor use. So you can play with it at home in your room or in the park.

I love open-source projects. The BBRover is one of these open projects that allows the user to modify the parts and integrate sensors.

The Kickstarter campaign is here, while the website and community are here.

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