Beginner Robotic Kits Arduino Compatible

Carefully selected, the robotic kits listed in this article were built with the aim to introduce beginners into robotics with Arduino. Arduino is a powerful programmable single-board microcontroller designed to develop interactive robots. The combination between Arduino and robotic parts like sensors, actuators, and many other robotic parts, is the perfect way to learn about robotics, about how to read the signal from a sensor or how to control the electric motors of a robot.

Even is a wheel based kit or a robotic arm Arduino compatible, all the kits listed in the article are perfect for education or for hobbyists.

Two wheels drive Arduino compatible kits

The simplest kit that can be used to learn programming and electronics in tandem with Arduino board is to use two wheeled mobile robotic kits. In this section of the article, I made a list with Arduino compatible two wheeled mobile platforms designed to be used in education or by robotics hobbyists. These are really simple kits and most of them don’t require advanced programming or electronic skills.

Robot Kit II

Reached the second generation, the Robot Kit II is an open platform without sensors, but with a platform ready to be host for a wide range of sensors. This generation comes with an extended battery and Arduino Uno controller integrated.

DFRobot 2WD Mobile Platform

DFRobot 2WD is an opened platform for a variety of sensors and with two differential drives to give a helping hand in order to control the robot.

Parallax BOEBot

BOEBot is a versatile wheel based kit with an Arduino board as the brain. This is a great platform to learn programming and electronics by adding sensors and calibrating the servo motors. The kit can be used in many applications like navigation and for detecting and following obstacles.

Pololu 3pi

3pi is a speedy robotic kit with an LCD display attached to the head and five sensors. An ATmega328 microcontroller controls all robotic parts and the kit could represent the base for line-following and maze-solving robots designed for competitions.

Pop-Bot XT

If you want to use an advanced robotic platform, maybe Pop-Bot XT is the best choice. It is not just two wheeled platform, this is a complete platform with two drive motors, two wheels, sensors, battery indicator, and LED for power.


MiniQ is a simple platform designed to be used in small projects for beginners.

Pololu m3pi

m3pi is based on 3pi mobile platform, but with expansion board available. This extra board integrated in the platform was added to increase the processing power.

2WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Robot Kit

The 2WD mobile kit is based on an advanced platform with IR sensors and ultrasonic sensors integrated in the frame as well as bumper sensors programmed to avoid obstacles. The platform comes with pre-drilled holes that make the kit an open-source platform for more robotic parts.

Bot Chassis

The kit is a low budget open-source platform with a body that can be modified easily and after the user desires. The body is built using ABD material, which is easy to be modified in order to add sensors, batteries, actuators, etc.

ProtoSnap MiniBot Kit

MiniBot is an opened platform designed for Arduino boards and used by hobbyists, students and educators. The kit comes with two infrared sensors, TB6612FNG motor driver board, and many other robotic parts.

Four wheels drive Arduino compatible kits

What is better than two wheels? Four wheels. In this section of the article, I made a list with most interesting four wheels drive mobile robotic kits Arduino compatible and well suitable for education or hobbies.

4WD Outdoor Mobile Platform

If you are looking for a platform with all wheels driven and with an outdoor mobile platform, this 4WD wheeled robot kit is perhaps the best platform that can be used by beginners in robotics. The aluminium platform is the base for many robotic parts and electronics including camera, servomotors, and four gears-motors.

J-Bot v2.0

J-Bot is an autonomous four wheels drive robot guided by ultrasonic sensor programmed to detect and avoid any obstacle. This is a great platform for beginners or mid-level developers.


Baron is an open-source platform with aluminum alloy body used in applications like obstacle avoidance or for climbing.

Omni-Directional Arduino Compatible Kits

These robotic platforms are based on mechanic wheels designed for movement in any direction. Programming these kits can be interesting for both beginners and mid-level programmers.

3WD Omni-Directional Mobile Robotic Kit

The three wheels drive omnidirectional kit is a fully C and C++ programmable platform with ultrasonic, infrared, and fall detection sensors integrated and controlled using the Arduino microcontroller.

4WD Omni-Directional Mobile Robot Kit

With four omnidirectional wheels, the platform can be used in many applications which involve moving in any direction and it’s easy to assemble.

DFRobotShop Mecanum Rover 2.0

With a fully programmable memory, the Mecanum Rover 2.0 platform is compatible with a wide range of shields and is based on ATMega328p microcontroller.

3WD Compact Omni-Directional

This omnidirectional kit is fully C or C++ programmable and can be used for really autonomous applications. It has a customizable platform with already integrated ultrasonic sensors.

DFRobotShop Omni Rover 2.0

Omni Rover 2.0 is a four omnidirectional wheel based on ATMega328p microcontroller. All the 4 wheels can be programmed independently.

Tracked Arduino compatible kits

In this category of the article is available a list with tracked kits ready to be used for small applications or

DFRobotShop Rover V2

This is a Bluetooth version of the DFRobotShop Rover with versatile design and compatible with a wide range of shields. Based on Arduino Uno board the kit can be programmed for many applications including many types of terrain.

DFRobotShop Rover V2 Autonomous Kit

This has the same platform like Rover V2, but with a wide range of sensors with the aim to build an autonomous robot.

RobotShop Robot Rover

RobotShop comes with another robotic project Arduino compatible, a project based on Arduino Diecimilla microcontroller. The platform has a durable aluminium frame with infrared sensor integrated and two DC motor controllers.

Rover 5

The Rover 5 tank kit is based on the well-known Rover 5 with the differences that it is powered by a Romeo controller Arduino compatible and controlled using Xbee kit designed to make wireless communication simple.

Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino

A simple robot kit with tracks and an open source platform designed for competitions. The kit is not complete and required two motors, batteries, and Arduino board.

Arduino compatible robotic arms

Build and program a robotic arm is not a simple task. At the beginning, using a simple robotic arm kit with five degrees of freedom is perhaps a very cheap and easy way to learn how to control a robotic arm.

Project Kits

Combining electronic components and programming code, the user can understand electronic principles and at the same time learn how to build and program the Arduino based projects.

Arduino Projects Kit

Based on AVR microcontroller architecture, the Arduino project can be used to enter into the world of electronics and learn how to link the electronic parts in order to create applications.

SparkFun Inventor’s Kit

Based on Arduino Uno R3, the SparkFun kit includes a wide range of sensors ready to be controlled by beginners who try to learn and understand how electronics can be programmed to do specific things for us.


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