Best Tutorials and Examples to Start Working with Beaglebone Black

The BeagleBone Black is one of the most exciting embedded platforms in automation and robotics, and is a serious competitor for the well-known Raspberry Pi board.

With a retail price under $50, the Black is one of the most cheapest and powerful single board computers that successfully allow access to standard interfaces as well as a well-developed ecosystem of software and tools.

The price of the Black board is at an affordable level due to several reasons including the replacement of expensive components with low cost components, reduce the cost with testing by using automated tests, and few others techniques able to leading to a reduced price.

The factory standard is good enough to be used as a desktop computer and start building robot projects, but it’s always good to have options.

From a series of tutorials to help you get started with BeagleBone Black and up with a list with projects, in this article you can find how to explore the flexibility in software of the embedded system as well as how to start your first project with the Black board.

Ångström Linux on BeagleBone Black

If you really want to start working in minutes after the unboxing process of the Beaglebone Black, you can use the Ångström operating system specially designed for embedded devices. This Linux based operating system comes pre-installed on the internal memory of the BeagleBone Black, and all you have to do before starting the work with BBB is to check if the operating system has the latest version installed.

Setting up Debian on BeagleBone Black

The Debian operating system is based on the Linux kernel and is distributed as a free software, but not these two features make from this operating system one of the most popular operating system for embedded platforms and servers. The operating system has support for many architectures and this is a good reason to run the Debian OS on several embedded systems including here the well-known Raspberry Pi and many more single board computers used in robotics.

The best solution to use Debian on BeagleBone Black is to run the customized image for this embedded system.


In this section of the article, you can find a series of tutorials to start the installation process of the Debian OS on the BeagleBone Black board.

For OS X users

For Windows users

For Linux users

Setting up Android on BeagleBone Black

The Android OS jumps from the mobile devices right on the embedded systems able to run a wide range of applications. The latest version compatible with BBB is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which can run only if the memory card has at least 4GB storage space.

This operating system is based on the Linux kernel, and this creates a good compatibility between Black and the Android OS that can be used especially in multimedia projects.


Below you can find a series of tutorials from where you can start the installation process of the Android OS on the BeagleBone Black board.

For Windows users

  • Beagleboard:Android – this is the official guide to start working with Android OS and the Black board;
  • Building Jelly Bean 4.3 AOSP for Beaglebone Black – from this tutorial you can learn how to setup the Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) on the BBB and increase your experience to put together an AOSP build;
  • BeagleBone Black – this tutorial show you how to build and load the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on the Black board;

For Linux users

  • Android on the BeagleBone Black – as a Linux user, this tutorial introduce you into the world of Android and BeagleBone Black, and show you how to setup the Android OS on the embedded system;

Setting up Ubuntu on BeagleBone Black

Even is not officially supported by the BeagleBone Black board, the Ubuntu OS made its way in the field of embedded systems and is available in several versions and with a lot of improvements for latest versions.

After reading the below tutorial, you should now have the Ubuntu terminal up and running for experiments and prototyping projects.


Depending on what system you’re running, below are available a series of tutorials to start building the Ubuntu system for BBB board.

For OS X users

For Windows users

For Ubuntu users

BeagleBone Black Secure Connection and Integrated Development Environments

After installing an operating system such as Android or Debian, you are ready to start building the first project with BBB. Below I explore a series of tools that literally will help you to start working with the BBB and opens the features of the embedded system.

BeagleBone Black Projects

The BBB board is engineered for fun and functional projects in several fields and especially in automation and robot projects. In the following projects, you can explore some of the Black board features and at the same time, you can learn how to build projects with the BeagleBone Black.


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