Build 2WD Autonomous Robots with the GoPiGo Kit for Raspberry Pi

If you have a Raspberry Pi on your desk, you could spend at least a day to match a chassis, DC motors, wheels, controllers, sensors etc. in a wheeled platform able to perform autonomous tasks. Or you can take the GoPiGo kit and build in hours a 2WD autonomous robot.

The GoPiGo kit is compatible with the B Model, B, and Pi 2. The box contains almost everything that is needed to get your Raspberry Pi rolling (robot chassis, motors, controllers, power supply). The Pi board, camera, batteries, and the servo package are sold separately.

With a compatible servo package, you can attach a camera and move around to monitor a room or to watch your dog while you’re out of town.

In order to grab a GoPiGo kit for yourself, you have to pay almost US $89.99 for it.

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