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If you like to play with an indoor robot over tough obstacles, you don’t have too many choices. Or at least you don’t have to choose from a wide range of platforms with climbing capabilities.

The Bogie kit is one of the cheapest platforms engineered with a rocker-bogie system inspired by the Mars rovers. This system makes the platform to drive smoothly over bumpy ground. The suspension system gives it around 5 inches of ground clearance and another 5 inches of flexibility.

The Bogie Runt kit features six wheels driven by six gear motors. The platform is compatible with the Arduino microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi board. And this is not all. Since the electronics are sold separately, you can customize the rover with a lot more accessories and components.

The basic components including the chassis, wheels, gear motors, attachment blocks and several other parts are sold at the price of $69.99.

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