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robots in medicine
Robotics Hardware

Exploring the Role of Robots in Medicine

Medical robotics is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, transforming it with improved patient outcomes and greater efficiency. Robots are being integrated in a variety of capacities

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Artificial Skin For Sensitive Robots

The touch of a butterfly can be felt even by a robot that using artificial skin. The sensitive skin used in robotics is a synthetic substitute for human skin used to feel the pressure exercised on a surface or the temperature.

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E-whiskers: Very Sensitive Sensor for Versatile Robots

Thank to nature, the robots are able to sense in extreme conditions using electronic whiskers. The new system that improves the ability of robots to sense is used in nature by certain mammals and insects for navigation and monitoring the environment conditions.

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Industrial Robots

FarmBot: An Open-Source Farming Machine -Into Robotics

FarmBot Genesis is an open-source project in development able to explore the world of autonomous and accurate farming machines able to grow plants using sensors, electric motors and many programming lines instead using a homemade agricultural tool such as a hoe.

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