5 Robots in the News – October

With this article, we continue the series of articles of the month where the most excited robots or useful technologies for robotics are revealed. This post features 5 robots including here a 3D printed human-like robot, an interactive robot to play games and interact with your children, cubic blocks that can form specific shapes, a solar powered micro air vehicle, and a brain-inspired chip that mimics the human brain processes and the nervous system.

Build a Robot Tank and a Three-Wheeled Robot Car with the Makeblock Educational Starter Robot Build Kit (61% off)

If you’re a beginner in robotics and dreamed of learning electronics and Arduino programming, this educational robot kit is for you.The

Build Your Cheap Autonomous Robot By Following This Guide

The Instructables user Imetomi shows us how to build on a cheap chassis a robot able to detect obstacles, explore the world with its FPV camera, react to sounds, hold and push objects and recharge its batteries with a solar panel.