Compact 4WD robot platform for all-terrain applications

In this article, I will show you something new in terms of all-terrain platforms.

SuperDroid has created a wheeled platform that can negotiate obstacles and rough terrains. Makers can build their own robotic project on top of the 4WD platform.

Building from scratch a robot platform for outdoor applications is difficult and not every maker who is in building robots wants to start from zero. Luckily, the folks at SuperDroid have developed a robust 4WD platform that can move around in most terrains.

The platform comes completely assembled with four 32mm motors, batteries, motors controller, and the remote control.

The all-terrain platform is engineered with the wheel axles mounted directly to the motor output shafts. This design allows the robot to negotiate almost all terrains.

The chassis is built with a rigid aluminum frame that can handle 2.2 Kg (5lbs) of additional payload in most terrains.

A full-fledged assembly kit with all necessary parts included is available for $696.66 + $38.99 shipping.

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