Customizable RC Lawn Mower Robot Kit

The best way to get your dream lawn ready and without too much effort is to use a robot lawn mower. And to combine the pleasure of building things with the work in the garden, we present a remote control hackable lawn mower kit.

SuperDroid Robots introduces its largest lawn mower: the 2WD 66in Lawn Mower – WC.

The 2WD robot is actually a custom version of the Swisher Tow-Behind Mower. The SuperDroid team attaches to the Swisher Tow-Behind Mower a powerful wheel chair motors and 12V 35Ah batteries to keep the beast at work for a long time.

The size of the platform is 66 inches (167 centimeters), which make it one of the largest remote control lawn mowers. The robot claims to reach a speed of 1.5 mph (2, 4 Km/h) and weigh approximately 600 lbs (272 kilograms).

For many of you, most probably the exciting side of this platform is the customizable area. The robot is designed to host a large variety of additional functionalities. It can include programmable controllers such as Arduino and a large area of sensors such as GPS, LIDAR, etc.

We saw on the Internet so many customized lawn mowers that we can think this is a growing trend among roboticists. With so many hobbyists who are eager to escape the hard physical work, the idea of a customizable platform for a lawn mower is great. Even so, at a price of $6,590.00, most probably this kit will be available in a limited series.

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