Deals: Starter Robot Kit IR Version for Arduino, Metal Robot Tracks Platform, and a $25 Protoshield Wireless

Here we have not one, but three great deals to prototype robots. The first deal is a robot platform for Arduino beginners at a price of $113.95; we’re going forward to a metal development platform on tracks at a price of $92.46, and finished the list with an Arduino-compatible shield engineered to connect the motors and sensors easily to your Arduino.

  • Starter Robot Kit IR Version for Learning Robotics Electronics Arduino Programming-GOLDEN at $113.95

    This platform claims to be a great kit to learn electronics and Arduino programming. The kit contains the mechanical parts and electronics module. It’s also designed to work as a robot tank or a three-wheeled mobile robot.
  • ALL Metal Robot Tracks Development Platform FPV for Arduino at $92.46

    This stainless steel development platform is designed to work with the Arduino microcontroller. The kit contains the metal platform, bogies for the wheels, and screws. The Arduino controller is not included.
  • SparkFun Ludus Protoshield Wireless at $24.95

    The Ludus Protoshield has support for the Arduino R3 layout and is designed to connect motors and sensors fast and easy. It’s intended to be a good starting place to develop remote control rovers and small autonomous robots.The board can be attached to your Arduino and support the XBee module for wireless communications.


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