Deep Inside Anybots QB Telepresence Business Robot

The robots replace humans in many places and now are prepared to let us sit on a sofa while in the same time we are virtually in office or at factory using a telepresence business robot like Anybot QB. With vision and sound equipment integrated in the robot, QB lets us see and hear as if we were physically present.

Even the robot is placed in a factory, in hospital, or in an office, using the Internet and any compatible device we are at a click away from that place.

Used as a primitive teleportation device, the self-balancing QB robot promises unforgettable experiences for both user and interlocutor. It displays images with user face in real-time using a webcam, and in the same time receive and display for user images and sounds from the visual field of the robot.

The robot balance system is based on Segway balancing system, the result is a robot that cannot be stuck, and can travel all over the user want. To be sure that you are at the height of each coworker, QB has an adjustable pole which can reach a maximum height of 188 cm or a minimum height to be easy transported.

Using a friendly web interface, anyone can drive the QB even in the morning before to take the coffee.
Starting to follow the robot on the travel journey, QB is a powerful tool used to be present somewhere that you are not. This is the idea behind the robot, a teleportation system based on gravity and a large amount of information sent overseas and countries in both directions.

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Anybots QB is available in Unites States, Europe, and Japan. QB is ready to enter in a market with an annual grow rate with two digits and a value around $8.6 billion until the end of 2013.

Powered by an electric motor and relied on two wheels, QB enters in competition with telepresence robots like ConnectR from iRobot, Jazz from GOSTAi, Double from Double Robotics, or Texai from Willow Garage.

Since 2001 when Anybots Inc. came to life, the company creates a wide range of robots including QA that is the father of QB, a humanoid robot called Dexter, or the telemanipulation prototype called Monty.


The best smile can be seen on QB in a museum to guide the tourists, in airports and public spaces for translation services, used in real estate the robot become the second presence for agents or for client, can be used in security, as well as in hospital or in research purposes.

Control QB

Using a simple interface, QB can be controlled remotely and can run in an office with the enormous speed of 5.6 km/h (3.5 mph). And yes, at this speed is safe to travel around your office and is agile in avoid collision with a door or to guide the robot around obstacles.

Both video and audio equipment provides clearly images with high definition zoom and high quality audio sounds to not escape the whispers of the colleagues. If QB can do a virtual teleportation for us, unfortunately the robot has to be carried. It has a lightweight body with a total weight of 15.8 Kg (35 pounds) and suitable sizes to have place in the trunk of the car or in a travel bag.

And because you’re here and the robot is there, something has to make the connection between the two places. All you need to be connected with the QB is a computer MAC or Windows compatible and a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

The electric motor uses the power of energy to move around. The robot has to be charged, but not less than eight hours of operation.


  • Autonomy: 8 hours;
  • Camera: 5 megapixels;
  • Connection: Supports Wi-Fi 802.11g;
  • Weight: 15.8 Kg (35 pounds);
  • Speed:5.6 km/h (3.5 mph);
  • Dynamically balancing platform;
  • Maximum height: 188 cm;
  • Footprint: small;

Country Sell and Price

QB is a business telepresence robot with availability in Unites States, Europe, and Japan. The price is around €7,230 EUR ($9,700 USD).


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