Double Telepresence Robot Uses iPad Tablet As Brain

What is the role of a telepresence robot? This is simple. It can double your presence in two different places, one presence is in real life while the second one is just a virtual image. A Mountain View-based company called Double Robotics designs one of the most simple and commonly telepresence robots with an iPad tablet as the brain.

The robot was released at the end of 2012 with a special price of $1,999(new price $2,500). The idea behind this wheeled robot is to be presented anywhere in the world from your couch at a touch control. Equipped with two wheels and an advanced balanced algorithm, the robot allows you to move in any directions and on different types of terrain.

At the base is located the battery and the motor attached to wheels. The battery lasts up to eight hours before to be recharged. The robot keeps its balance even in difficult situations due to an intelligent balance system using dynamic sensor fusion algorithm combined with a gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. To save power when the robot is not used, a retractable kickstand is automatically deployed.

Double Used To Visit Art Gallery

Double Used To Visit Art Gallery

The base and the iPad dock are connected with a motorized telescopic arm with an adjustable height between 1 and 1, 5 meters. This feature allows users to adjust the height depending on the situation.

The robot is controlled using an iPad and an application. The same application is used on iPad attached to the robot. The device attached on the telescopic pole are the eyes and ears of the user. Standing at the other end of the Internet, Double can be controlled using an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or desktop web browser.

Double has a weight around 7kg (15 pounds). Is very light and can be moved by hand without too much effort.

The robot is designed to be used in the office to stay remotely in contact with your colleagues, at school for courses or to take a tour of the school, in a retail store as a mobile kiosk, at home to stay in contact with your family, or to visit a museum anywhere in the world.

Double is designed to be used anywhere and is a perfect tool to move around and participate in the conversations from the same place for you and many more places for the robot.

Double In A Conference Room

Double Improve Communication And Streamline Production


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