Fold a 3D Printed Origami Robot for Cheap


It is just folding paper…. How hard could it be?

Origami is very difficult, but it is more interesting than you realize. An origami robot is interesting because it combines two things: affordability and availability.

As the 3D printing technology becomes more common, it’s tempting to use it at some point to build innovative robots. Combining the origami technique with 3D printing, the designer Ankur Mehta creates what he wants to be a cheap robot for anyone.

The idea is simple. You print out a template, cut and fold the parts. Since the body of the robot is printed, it is very easy to replace it in the case of damage.

Finally, you add some electronics such as a light detector sensor and an Arduino brain to make the robot driving around and search the reflected light on a dark surface.

The total cost of this wheeled robot is just $55 in case you already own a 3D printer. If not, you have to choose any printer able to print a sheet of plastic.


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