Fresh DIY Projects from The Internet

The DIY community is very dynamic, and some of the makers have showcased their projects. The projects explored below are not randomly chosen. All of these are projects which I believe can produce new ideas, creates new possibilities, or simply inspire you to do more.

Below are four new project from the DIY community.

  • Mobile Robot for Collecting Purpose (Success)

    How hard is to build a robot able to detect and handle an object? This project is the one designed to detect and push an object in a determined place.The robot has attached a Samsung smartphone and used its camera to detect the object. It sounds simple, but there are three systems connected to make this robot functional.

    The first system is a 2WD platform controlled by an Arduino UNO board. It has attached a Bluetooth module (HC-06) and a sonar sensor (HC-SR04).

    The second system is the Android device. The smartphone receives sensor data from the wheeled platform and communicates with the third layer which is a desktop responsible for data processing.

    Well, all these systems (layers) sound complicated, but at least you have the code here.

  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Robot

    Like the first project, this is another mobile robot based on a cheap 2WD platform. The robot uses an ultrasonic sensor that moves left and right to scan the surrounding area.Inside, the robot is controlled by an Arduino Nano interfaced with a Raspberry Pi board.

    If the Arduino controls the sensors and the motor driver, the Pi board serves for Internet control. The Raspberry Pi is connected to a web page via the WebIOPi framework. The web page is used to display real-time video streaming and to control the robot manually.

  • Small wheeled robot Rash 2 Endurance

    If you want to build your own robot for your home security, this project looks quite interesting. The robot works autonomously and has attached a video camera for real-time video streaming.The user also has the possibility to control the robot via a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. The wheeled robot has an autonomy of eight hours, which is more than enough to check your house when you’re at work.
  • Revenge of the PyroBot at Pi Wars

    This robot is simply called ‘Revenge’ and was presented at the Pi Wars competition. It’s a 6WD robot and uses two Raspberry Pi’s to control sensors and other stuff.One Pi has a touchscreen attached to it and allows the user access to various functions. The designer attaches in front of the platform two proximity sensors and a bumper to protect the platform.

    The designer uses a PS3 remote controller to control the robot.


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