Fresh Releases: Kits, Sensors, Actuators and More

New released electronics, hardware and stuff always comes in handy. We are regularly looking for new kits, electronics, batteries and present them to you. As long as we find something interesting or useful, we let you know in our posts on IntoRobotics, so you don’t need to search for them.

Now it’s time for some fresh kits, actuators, sensors for a designer’s toolbox.

Table of Contents

New kits

  1. UNO Learning Kit for Arduino With IR 1602LCD Relay Temperature Humidity Clock Module Resistor Card. Available at DX, priced $57.94.
  2. N20 Gear Motor 4WD Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit w/ Tutorial for Arduino – Blue + Black. Available at DX, priced $38.80.
  3. PreBuilt Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot – IG32 DM. Available at Superdroidrobots, priced $832.86.
  4. Kinoma Create V2. Available at Sparkfun, priced $149.95.
  5. Velleman Four legged Allbot Toy (Grey/Green). Available at Amazon UK, priced £112.08.
  6. Mio The Robot Programmable Robot Toy (English). Available at Robotshop, priced $39.99.

New electronics

  1. A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller SV with Raspberry Pi Bridge. Available at Pololu, priced $39.95.
  2. Seeeduino Cloud – Compatible with Arduino Yun. Available at Adafruit, priced $69.95.
  3. Geekroo Pipeye Battery HAT for the Raspberry Pi. Available at Robotshop, priced $43.95.
  4. TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer. Available at Robotpark, priced $10.00.
  5. ESP8266 ESP-12F D1 Mini Wi-Fi Development Board Module Usable with Arduino IDE w/ CH340G Driver. Available at DX, priced $8.31.
  6. XL-MaxSonar EZ/AE 1300 High Power Output Ultrasonic Range Finder. Available at Superdroidrobots, priced $44.95.

New actuators

  1. Waterproof Digital Micro Servo. Available at Robotshop, priced $20.16.
  2. Micro Metal Gear Motor with Connector (30:1). Available at Dfrobot, priced $11.90.
  3. Micro Metal Gear Motor with Connector (75:1). Available at Dfrobot, priced $11.90.


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