Getting Started with Arduino Ethernet Shield – Tutorials and Resources

The Internet is a vast resource for robotic applications while the communication is centralized around an Ethernet module designed for direct access to the Internet. This article covers the case when the robot is based on Arduino board integrated with an Ethernet shield designed for an easier setup and configuration.

We live in a world of communications and in a constant process to transfer communication technologies to other platforms that can be used by intelligent machines like robots. In three steps can be built a powerful communication system by plugging the Ethernet module into the Arduino board, create network connections, and building the application for data transfer.

In this article, I make an overview of Ethernet shields Arduino compatible with different features including here standard shield, WiFi module already integrated in the shield or a combo pack with an Arduino board and Ethernet shield.

Arduino Ethernet Shields

With only few instructions a robot based on the Arduino board and Ethernet shield can be connected to the Internet.
A robot based on Arduino board can be connected directly to the Internet using a so-called Arduino Ethernet shield. With a minimum effort the TCP/IP connectivity is ready in minutes, while the shield is generally designed to support up to four socket connections at the same time. In the following are available a series of Ethernet shields with different features including here WiFi connectivity or used as a combo pack with an Arduino board included.

  • Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 – the Ethernet Shield R3 allows development of TCP/IP applications Arduino board compatible for Internet connection. The shield includes a MicroSD card connector;
  • Ethernet – collection of Ethernet shields Arduino compatible and with a wide range of features;
  • Arduino Uno R3 + Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 Combo Pack – all in one kit with Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield for a fast connection to Internet;
  • Arduino WiFi Shield – a shield that requires only a few instructions to start controlling your robot through the Internet;
  • WiFi Shield V2.1 For Arduino – compatible with the Arduino board, the shield is a low-power WiFi all in one piece including here support for IEEE 802.11 radio and with full access to functionalities;

Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials and guides for a better understanding how a robot can be controlled remotely using an Ethernet shield.
The Ethernet shield is in the center of this article and together with Arduino board we can build an application for sending commands to a robot and receive feedback through a WiFi router. In this section of the article I made an overview of tutorials and guides prepared to understand and build the first application that uses Arduino board, Ethernet shield and Android, iOS, or a simple computer and an IP address for remotely connecting to a robot.

  • Arduino WiFi robot – tutorial builds WiFi robot using Arduino UNO, one compatible Ethernet board, and WiFi router to control the robot through an HTTP address;
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield Tutorial – comprehensive tutorial with information about how to link Arduino board with compatible Ethernet shield and send/receive data with an Internet connection;
  • Using the Arduino to browse files on an SD card remotely – at least one compatible Arduino Ethernet shield comes with the possibility to attach a MicroSD memory card. This article describes steps how to read and search the files from memory card attached to the Arduino Ethernet shield using HTTP requests;
  • An Arduino Room Monitoring Web Server – tutorial with scheme, programming code, and steps to develop application using Ethernet Shield V2.0 and Arduino. The application is designed to create a simple web server that responds to HTTP commands and display data in HTML format;
  • Tutorial: Use Ethernet shield with Arduino – tutorial where are explained the steps to use Arduino with an Ethernet shield in order to receive data through Internet from an Arduino board;
  • Interact with Arduino over the Internet with Teleduino – tutorial how to use the Teleduino system to interact over the Internet with devices connect to the Arduino board;
  • Simple guide to controlling your arduino from your android device – any smartphone is a powerful device to control robots remotely. This guide provides data for turning on/off the lights using an Arduino board, Ethernet shield, and an Android smartphone;
  • Controlling a Servo with an Android Phone, using the Arduino and an Ethernetshield[link removed] – tutorial how to use an Android smartphone, Ethernet shield and Arduino board interfaced with a servo;
  • Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots – step by step tutorial how to control a robot from the Internet using the Livebots project and Arduino based robot;
  • Control a LED from your iPhone – this is an example how to build an iPhone application to control an LED through Arduino UNO board and Ethernet shield using HTTP address;
  • Building a computer controlled wireless robot – a good example how to use Internet connection for autonomous robots. An autonomous robot needs a powerful computer to detect obstacles and take decision. In this case the computer can process information and send commands through the Internet using Arduino board and Ethernet shield;
  • Getting started with Arduino UNO R3 and Ethernet Shield (W5100) – guide start using the Wiznet W5100 Chip together with Arduino UNO R3;
  • Setting Up the Ethernet Shield – guide to setting up the Arduino Ethernet shield in order to be used in applications where hard-coded IP address are required;


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