Giving Life To Everyday Objects

Printoo: Giving Life to Everyday Objects

This is a guest contribution from Antonio Moreira.

We believe that Printed Electronics technologies are key enablers for the visions of Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things. They allow the inclusion of ultra-low cost computing technologies – including powering, sensing, displays and even printed transistors/logic -, to practically any object or surface given its flexible form factor.

Unfortunately, many of these technologies have been kept in R&D labs of universities and companies. That is why Printoo was created, a set of modular boards and printed electronics components, running Arduino software, to give designers, engineers, makers and anyone with an interest in new technologies.



Printoo brings down the barriers to entry for development of new hardware applications and product concepts. By making these technologies accessible, open and easy to prototype with, more and more collective creativity will be tapped to make the physical world smarter and more enjoyable.

Printoo’s thinness and flexibility makes it ideal to bring life to 3D Printed objects. Printoo’s kits come with paper-thin cores, printed segmented displays, Bluetooth LE modules, DC motor drivers, capacitive keys, conductive ink adapters, and a multi-sensor module that includes a light sensor, accelerometer, and temperature sensor.

What comes with Printoo?

What comes with Printoo?

António Moreira – António has an MSc in Economics and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation and is now at Ynvisible on a business development role. Previous he has worked in market research and as an innovation consultant.


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