In front of the abundance of computer hardware in robotics, we take a look around and select fresh robotics hardware and present them to you in a concentrated overview. Every release helps to make the DIY community a creative place, makes learning fun and keeps you engaged.

A new computer hardware found is HORNET, a prototyping platform released by Maker Club. Currently, the microcontroller board is priced on the Maker Club online shop at $54.99 including the flat rate.

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Behind The Design

Launching a large-scale computer hardware in DIY area is always quite an undertaking, especially if the task involves a huge domain like robotics with new and innovative technologies that changed over the year. HORNET combines the power of a microcontroller with the Bluetooth technology. What’s so special about HORNET besides this? The microcontroller board is Arduino compatible and powerful enough to control up to 18 servos at once.

Even if we can do all of these with an Arduino board and additional components, HORNET can do all without any extra component. More than that, controlling 18 servos at once rewarding you with more time spent to build things. A robot arm or a hexapod robot are two of the designs that can explore the HORNET’s features.

Good To Know

Maker Club announces that HORNET is now available to pre-order for $54.99 including the flat rate.

Building things involve additional components such as sensors, actuators and more. If you want to dig deep into the electronics and robotics with HORNET, you may find solutions in two electronics kits. The MakerClub 37-Piece Sensor Kit included 37 unique sensors at a price of $159. The second kit is The MakerClub Hornet Plus Kit, which is the ultimate package with over 50 components and a price of $199.

HORNET is designed to replace an Arduino UNO R3, a Bluetooth module and a servo shield for controlling servo motors. We found something similar and makes some calculations about the price. Here is the result:

  • HORNET costs
    TOTAL: $54.99 including the flat rate.
  • Arduino, servo shield, Bluetooth module costs
    1. Arduino UNO R3: available at Amazon, priced $21.75;
    2. Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Shield – I2C interface: available at Adafruit, priced $17.50;
    3. JBtek HC-05 Bluetooth Module: available at Amazon, priced $8.99;

    TOTAL: $48.24

The difference between the price of a HORNET (controls up to 18 servos) vs. Arduino+servo shield+Bluetooth module (controls up to 16 servos) is around $7. The difference is not sizable if you need a compact board to build things.


There are multiple solutions to control up to 18 servo motors via Bluetooth technology. Utilize a prototyping board such as HORNET, makes you keep the project compact, at an affordable price and in the Arduino-like style.

Even More Arduino-like Boards!

Here are more articles with references to three prototyping boards we’ve managed to collect so far.

Last But Not Least

We are regularly looking for the most valuable computer hardware on the market. If you have plans to release a high-quality computer hardware in robotics, please contact us at office@intorobotics.com — we would like to support you on Into Robotics.


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