How an electric mower was converted into an RC mower

Robotics for a while, you know that we love DIY projects. This time it is about a simple way to save plenty of yard-cutting time and energy. There is nothing more than an electric lawn mower hacked and transformed into a remote control robot.

From time to time you need to push the lawn mower around the yard, and you are not alone if you hate mowing lawns. One solution is to hack your mower and convert it to RC control.

The Reddit user imadethis2014 shows us how he converts an electric lawn mower into an RC robot. As you will see in the video below, this radio controlled mower provides a lot of fun for the user.

At the exterior of the mower is attached an extruded aluminum frame. This frame hosts a new pair of wheels together with used electric wheelchair motors. The mower is powered by an off the shelf battery located in front of the mower bot.

The rear drive wheels work independently of each other. Two swiveling casters attached in front of the mower allow the user to turn left or right.

The controller for motors, batteries and electronics are hosted by a large battery box.

In the video below, the mower seems to perform well. If I want to add something to the mower, I would add some improvements to the traction.


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