How did you check the robot on an LCD screen when most of the time is sunny?

When you have a remote controlled robot that sends real-time images to an LCD screen, one of the problems is to check the robot “on spot” when most of the time is sunny.

An LCD display becomes less viewable in a bright ambient light. No LCD screen will be bright enough to compete with the sun and the glare off the front of the screen. The simple solution is to keep the hands around the screen. But, how you’ll control the robot if the hands are around the screen?

  1. The first solution is to set the brightness of the LCD screen accordingly. If you use a smartphone or a tablet to remote control a robot, this could be easy. But what if you have attached an LCD screen attached to a development board such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi?
  2. Polarized sunglasses: A pair of polarized sunglasses is one handy solution because they reduce the glare or reflected light.
  3. Another solution is to use a monitor sunshade sun hood like this one. This accessory is designed to keep out hot sun glare of your phone or tablet screen when controlling the robot. But it could also work if the LCD screen is attached to a Pi or Arduino. You just attach it inside the sunshade sun hood and control the robot.
  4. Another way is to use a virtual reality headset. This remote controlled robot with Oculus Rift is a good example. The disadvantage is that you have to stand still while using the virtual reality headset.


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