How to build a 4WD RC ground vehicle

The process of building ground vehicles can be exciting and, at times, overwhelming. But always we can build things easier when we have inspiration. You can build a ground vehicle with wheels or tracks, using LiPo/NiMh/Pb batteries, and with 6V, 12V or 24V motors (mainly used by hobbyists). But all of these information are pretty general. In a series of articles that will cover three main topics (mechanics, electronics and software), Andrey Nechypurenko shows us how to build a robust and customizable platform for outdoor and indoor activities.

In the first article, the designer covers the mechanical design including how to steer and propel the vehicle.

To build this remote control platform, you need components that are budget-friendly and widely used in hobby projects such as Raspberry Pi, Python, 3D printer, and more.

The project is still open, and we are waiting the next parts on electronics and software.

Update: The second part that covers the electronics is ready.

A test drive demonstration of the 4WD RC ground vehicle


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