How To Build A Mobile Robot with Raspberry Pi and CamJam EduKit 3

Free Raspberry Pi projects always come in handy. Therefore, in most cases, it’s useful to think of free Raspberry Pi robots as a playground for your imagination. Whether you are looking for inspiration, professional coding or engineering solutions — in all three cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them, and you can build customized robots upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time.

A mobile robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi board is not hard to design but require time and budget. Using a kit with electronics and mechanics is the effortless solution for beginners and professional users as well. However, to build a wheeled Raspberry Pi robot, you can use the CamJam EduKit 3 kit that includes two DC motors, a custom designed motor controller board, an ultrasonic distance sensor, and other parts to form a complete platform for prototyping robots.

The designer Brian Corteil shows us in an article how to build a sub A6 robot for the Micro Hi Noon contest.

Key Pieces:

Check the link below for the guide and all the code needed to build from scratch this wheeled robot.

CamJam Ed Kit #3 – Robotics, building a sub A6 Robot | Corteil

Even More DIY Raspberry Pi Robots!

Here are more articles with references to over 3 DIY Raspberry Pi robots we’ve managed to collect so far.

Last But Not Least

We are regularly looking for the most innovative DIY Raspberry Pi robots. If you build one of them, please contact us at — we would like to support you on Into Robotics.


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