How to Build a Raspberry Pi Zero Humanoid Robot with Java

Free Raspberry Pi Zero projects always come in handy. Therefore, in most cases, it’s useful to think of free Raspberry Pi Zero humanoid robots as a playground for your imagination. Whether you are looking for ideas or engineering solutions — in all the cases you can learn a lot, and start building your customized humanoid robot without reinventing the wheel all the time.

Key Pieces:
  • Raspberry PI Zero
  • AdaFruit Powerboost 1000 Basic
  • AdaFruit 1 Cell LIPO 2500Mah
  • AdaFruit 1115S 16Bit 4 Channel Analog Digital Converter
  • Small breadboard for putting it together
  • Sharp Distance sensor GP2Y0A21YK (10 – 80 CM)
  • X & Y Axis Gyro sensor
  • 18x Dynamixel AX-12A servos
  • Robotis SMPS2Dynamixel
  • 2S LIPO 1200Mah for powering the Servo’s

Final Walk attempt Humanoid Raspberry PI Zero Robot on Java

Check the link below for the guide and all the code needed to build a Raspberry Pi Zero humanoid robot in Java.

Building a Raspberry PI Humanoid Robot in Java: part 1 | Renzedevries

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Last But Not Least

We are regularly looking for the most innovative DIY Raspberry Pi Zero robots. If you build one of them, please contact us at — we would like to support you on Into Robotics.


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