How To Build a Remote Controlled Tank Drive Platform for Outdoor Household Chores

How often did you get inspired by other makers? As part of the growing community that builds all-terrain robots, I share with you another interesting project as an inspiration source to build a lawn mower or any other robot.

The designer aims to sell the robot at a price of $500. The price doesn’t include the remote controller and receiver. So you have the chance to control remotely the robot or add additional equipment for autonomous tasks.

On the project page from Instructables, the user EdJ7 share insights about the building process.
The chassis is engineered to feature a lower center of gravity. A lower center of gravity gives a good clearance for the robot to drive over rough terrain.

The components list includes motors and gearboxes also used at the Jazzy Z11 mobility scooter, one Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver and two batteries also used in wheelchairs.

The details about the tracked robot are here.


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