How to Build a Robot to Gather Data in Hazardous Situations

There are many robots designed to help in hazardous situations, but almost all of these are outrageously expensive. Another option is to build your own with a bunch of components and electronics that any hobbyist should have. The designer Deepankar Maithani shows us how to build a tracked platform able to collect data acquired by sensors. The rover is built with 3D printing parts, Arduino, XBee module and other few electronics.

The tracked robot is named Rakshak-1, a name that means savior. The mobile platform claims to be built around an open-source system engineered with sensors to collect data in a hazardous situation.

The inspiration comes from the Boston Dynamics’ projects: Rhex and SandFlea. Both robots are endowed with inherent high mobility and able to overcome obstacles.

The Rakshak-1 robot is controlled via a GUI interface with support for MAC, Windows or Linux. The application provides information from sensors, control the motors and servos, and display video images captured by the robot.

Check out the link below for full instructions with diagrams and photos.

Rakshak-1: An attempt to create an open source system for data gathering in situations hazardous for directly accessing by humans | creativengin


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