How To Build An Affordable Wireless Remote Controller

In this world are two types of robots: autonomous (let’s say intelligent robots) and remote controlled robots (or morons). The implementation of a remote control system for a robot is an important task in robotics.

Anyone can choose between a commercial controller and a home-made remote controller. The first choice is quite expensive and not optimized on your project. If you decide to build a controller from scratch, you save some money and build something more dedicated to your project.

In this post, I explore an open-source remote controller called “Omote” (Oscar’s reMOTE). The designer claims to build an alternative “to a RC transmitter or similar commercial controllers.” The DIY remote controller feature enough controls to be able to manipulate a robot, flying drones or a PC game.

As a good alternative to a commercial wireless controller, Omote should come with an impressive list of features. The list include:

  • affordable
  • customization
  • multi-purpose
  • latency
  • accuracy
  • reliability
  • operation distance
  • informative

If you’re interesting to get inspired by Omote and build one at home, you have to think twice. You have to think first of your project and what you’re trying to control and then start to sketch the remote controller. For example, if you intend to control a robot that’s going forward and backward, left and right, you need only four buttons or two toggle switches. Otherwise, you need some extra parts to build an Omote clone.

Here are the components to build the controller:
Note: The prices and the components are for references only. Please check the compatibility of the components before purchasing.

DIY Wireless RC Remote Controller for Robots, Quadcopter | oscarliang


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